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What is the difference between cold drawn bars and cold finish bars?

Cold Finished steel bars provide close dimensional tolerances, consistent straightness, excellent surface finish and improved surface quality.  Cold Drawing is the predominant form of Cold Finishing, which can improve yield and tensile strength and hardness properties offering consistency over those of a typical hot rolled bar.  Vulcan Steel offers both Cold Drawn bars in Rounds,… Read more »

What’s the difference between 316 SS and B8M?

B8M is required to be carbide solution treated and tested to meet the stringent chemical and mechanical requirements as outlined in ASTM A193 for use in high temperature and high pressure service produces B8M.

What’s the difference between A36 and F1554-36?

ASTM A36 is a material specification for carbon structural steel. ASTM  F1554-36 is fastener specification.  The two most common fastener specifications for carbon steel threaded rod are ASTM A307A and ASTM F1554-36.  Both require that the threaded rod or stud meet the minimum tensile requirements of A36.  Each specification may require additional testing.  Please refer… Read more »