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In pipelines and refineries, every pipe segment and valve requires several high strength threaded studs to act as bolts, holding the flanges together. The industry has come to count on the high quality and reliability of Vulcan Steel Products when parts simply need to work.

Residential Construction

With applications in plumbing, electrical, and structural components, our products are an essential part of holding things together. CLP Systems is one of our customers that specializes in using engineered threaded rod systems to secure the roof all the way through the structure down to the foundation.

Commercial Construction

In commercial construction, nearly all electrical, mechanical, and HVAC systems are fastened by use of threaded rod. From foundational anchors to simple ceiling hangars, commercial constructors count on Vulcan steel to keep things where they are supposed to stay.

Fire Suppression

Whether traditional or automated, the fundamental advantage of a sprinkler systems is being over the fire, which means being secured to the ceiling. Zinc plated threaded studs are an obvious choice for their corrosion resistance and strength so that the sprinklers are low maintenance and quick to hang.

Renewable Energy

Solar panel arrays, hydroelectric plants, and wind turbines create clean renewable sources of energy for our nation’s power grid. Each of these require strong and reliable threaded anchors and fasteners to ensure smooth operation. Our large diameter heat treated threaded bar serve as powerful anchors and our plated products play a big part in ensuring these energy sources stay productive and dependable regardless of what mother nature throws at it.

Industrial Equipment / Heavy Truck

Industrial manufacturing and transport of full trucks or railcars means supporting serious weight. When equipment manufacturers and heavy truck builders seek out the most trusted bars and high strength threaded rods, they choose Vulcan Steel Products.


Today, so much of our world is driven by telecommunications that it would be difficult to envision operating in any market without it. Our products can be found in the structural tower bases and hanging the organizing cable trays, such as yellow zinc RoHos compliant threaded rod.


The car industry represents a huge portion of global trade when considering all the different parts required and the vast number of suppliers needed to make those components. Cold drawn products from Vulcan can be used in a variety of automotive applications like steering shafts, tie rods, suspension components, and exhaust hangars.

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