Vulcan Steel Employees Travel to Hackelburg, AL


A tornado touched down in Marion County, Alabama about 5 miles west of Hamilton, AL around 3:00 p.m. CDT on April 27th, leaving massive damage along its track. The storm would eventually reach the Hackleburg area, leveling many structures including a large plant operated by Wrangler. Well built homes were wiped cleanly from their foundations and cars were thrown hundreds of feet. According to the Red Cross, 75% of the town was destroyed.

Vulcan Steel employees wanted to help. By fundraising and company contributions, they were able to raise $8,000. The employee committee responsible for distributing the funds decided to contribute them to the school system in Hackelburg, AL.

On September 17, 2011, over 30 employees made the trip to Hackleburg, AL to watch the high school football game and present the funds. They arrived early enough to visit the town of Hackleburg and see the devastation first hand. The employees were given the opportunity at halftime to present the check to the community and school system of Hackleburg. Billy and Brenda Hinton honored the employees of Vulcan by presenting the check to the principal of Hackleburg High School. The Hackleburg football team has a loyal community following and the fans gave the Vulcan Team a standing ovation.

As a highlight the Hackelburg Panthers won a hard fought game (12-7) over the previously unbeaten Chiefs of R.A. Hubbard.