Vulcan Employees Provide Tornado Relief


On April 27, 2011 a large wedge tornado tracked across Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, including the southern and eastern portions of Tuscaloosa around 5:10 p.m. CDT, and continued northeast. The tornado continued northeast towards Birmingham, downing thousands of trees. Several suburbs of Birmingham were severely damaged by the massive tornado as it tore through the west side of Birmingham, resulting in multiple fatalities. The suburbs of Pleasant Grove and northern Hueytown were devastated by the tornado as it moved northeast, flattening entire neighborhoods, eventually moving on to the suburb of Fultondale. The National Weather Service has determined the path length of this violent tornado to be 80.3 miles with a maximum damage path width of 1.5 miles.

Several Vulcan Steel Products employees and their families were affected by the April 27th tornado. Their experience became a call to action for fellow employees. On April 30th 20 people gathered to help clear debris and remove property from a badly damaged employee home. Over the next few weeks, several fundraisers were held, and with company support, the funds distributed by a committee to meet the most immediate needs.